Since the first Ollympic Games, the awards ceremony is an important moment of any social or sport event.

With the best technologies available it is possible to create amazing art pieces. This is our main difference when compared to our competitors, being capable of everlasting every victory, every conquest and every tribute.

Metalvest give you some tips to help you on your event:

1- Planning

It is essential to have good planning giving directions to all your actions during the event. A good structure and facility, trained personnel, capable of working as a team, complete the main needs for the success of your special moment.


  • Check if was included on your budget the costs with awarding;
  • Consider when requesting our product, the lead time necessary for manufacturing.

2 - Classification

All the awards are related of classification of the event.

3- Attributes x Relevants

The higher the relevance of the event, the higher will be the emphasis on the award event

4- Model of the award

It varies between simple and complex.

5- Your logo, or the logo of the event

To start our job, we need your logo and the logo of the event (Corel Draw format).

After this, our designers will work to create the draft.

6- Sewing/ Fashion Brands

Metalvest is committed to high quality sewing, transmitting confidence and reliability to our products and our customers!

For more informations, please contact our sales consultants.


Metalvest Team.